Guaranteed freedom

Guaranteed freedom

Possibility of terminating the contract at any time
No Rent increase for the entire duration of the contract
The campsite finances the mobile home for you

A complete rental kit

A complete rental kit

Crockery, kitchen appliances
TV, air conditioning (depending on model)
and dishwasher
(Excluding Formula Liberté)

Offered in our packages

Included in our packages

Water package
Electricity package
Tourist tax
The household waste tax

Winterizing and de-wintering

The campsite takes care of everything!

Accommodation, connected to a campsite
Winterizing and de-wintering
Repairs and maintenance (excluding abnormal wear)
Accommodation insurance

EASY HOME BY: The relaxed way to take a holiday

Since 2017, we've been innovating to make your holiday rental experience simple, flexible and affordable.

With Easy Home By and the long-term rental (LLD) of your mobile home, enjoy a second home in a campground tailored to your needs and budget without the hassle of maintenance and management.

Similar to a long-term car rental, the investment is made by the campground, and they take care of all maintenance expenses throughout the contract: from the installation of the mobile home to regular upkeep, including winterization and de-winterization. You won't experience depreciation of your residence.

Say goodbye to unforeseen costs and constant increases, thanks to a fixed, all-inclusive rent.

Additional bonus: host your family and friends with freedom and a controlled budget, thanks to the benefits offered in the low season by our partner campsites.

Join the ranks of our many clients and choose Easy Home By's Long-Term Rental for your holidays with a peace of mind!

With Easy Home By

LLD = 100% Advantages

Rentals are fixed for 5 years, no increase, no surprises!


Rentals are fixed for 5 years, no increase, no surprises! !



All-inclusive contract, the campground takes care of everything !



Your situation changes ?

Your EASY HOME BY contract adapts.

Change of mobile home or change of plan, it's possible !

All-inclusive contract EASY HOME BY
Need an additional accommodation

Reduce your monthly payments 4S or 6S formulas.

From 25% to 50% discount on all of your monthly payments.

Reduce your monthly payments
Reduce your monthly payments

=> Need an additional accommodation or want to explore another destination ?

Enjoy a 15% discount on your stays at EASY HOME BY partner sites for you and authorized guests.

=> Your current plan no longer suits you ?

Switch to a different rental plan during your contract.

=> Your plans have changed ?

Terminate your contract at any time.

=> Your mobile home no longer meets your needs or constraints ?

Change your mobile home.

=> Prefer a different destination ?

Switch to another EASY HOME BY campground owned by the same operator*.



EASY HOME BY has signed a convention with its campsite partners to guarantee all the services offered in your contract.

EASY HOME BY guarantees all services and amenities throughout the duration of your 5-year contract, with no rent increases.

EASY HOME BY commits to maintaining your contract with the new owner in case of campground sale. There will be no termination of the contract.

The EASY HOME BY long-term rental contract is free of surprises, with all details documented. It has been validated by expert lawyers from the outdoor hospitality federation.

For more information about our commitments, contact your EASY HOME BY advisor at 05 57 75 03 34.

You sign a long-term rental contract with EASY HOME BY and benefit for you and your loved ones from your accommodation, the campground's facilities for 5 years.

At the signing, you pay a deposit of €2000, which will be refunded at the end of the contract.

You start paying from the month of key handover (April 1st). The fixed rent will not increase throughout your rental contract.

In case of health or financial problems, you can terminate the contract at any time, with only your deposit retained by the campground, and you will owe the rent for the current year.

You designate in the appendix of the contract the list of 12 authorized persons to use the accommodation without your presence.

Call your dedicated EASY HOME BY advisor, who will guide you step by step to understand your commitments and rights: 05 57 75 03 34.

With EASY HOME BY , choose the formula that suits your needs and budget :

La Formule Liberté – Enjoy your residence at the campground whenever you want from April 1st to October 31st.

La Formule 4S – You leave your accommodation at the campsite for 4 predefined weeks in July/August, so that they can rent it and offer you a discount of around 25% on your rent.

La Formule 6S – You leave your accommodation at the campsite for 6 predefined weeks in July/August, so that they can rent it and offer you a discount of around 50% on your rent.

For those with smaller budgets, create a family fund to allow everyone to enjoy vacations in your EASY HOME BY mobile home.

If you want to come to the campground more often, change your rental formula in the following years.

If your budget decreases or your family grows, change your mobile home.

Vous souhaitez passer quelques jours ou semaines dans un autre campings ?

If you want to spend a few days or weeks at another campground, take advantage of the GREAT DEALS with a 15% discount on stays at EASY HOME BY partner sites for you and authorized persons

To learn more about our EASY HOME BY formulas, call your advisor at 05 57 75 03 34.

To simplify your holidays, we have included the following services in your contract with us:

Rental of the accommodation, set up and connected.

A semi-covered terrace.

A complete rental kit (dishes, small appliances, air conditioning depending on the model) excluding the freedom formula.

Winter storage and de-winterization.

Repairs and maintenance excluding abnormal wear and tear.

Accommodation insurance.

A water and electricity package offered.

Tourist tax and garbage tax.

Up to 12 registered persons, depending on the contract, can visit without you free of charge with their chosen companions*

Sublet management by the campsite.

For more information about the services included in our EASY HOME BY offers, please call your EASY HOME BY advisor at 05 57 75 03 34.

Financing of the mobile home by the campground

Our partner campsites :

It’s Easy, it’s all-inclusive

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